Arlo Camera Setup

How to Proceed with Arlo Camera Setup?

The Arlo cameras are known for their remarkable video quality and several exciting features. It’s easy to install and color night vision makes it very convenient for users. You just need to install the camera and proceed with the Arlo camera setup correctly. Before you proceed with the installation, you must choose the most suitable location for the camera. You need to choose a spot, where you’ll receive a proper view of the area you want to watch over.

If you need help with the Arlo camera setup, don’t worry. Today, we’ll discuss the procedure to set up the Arlo camera accurately. Just ensure to execute the Arlo camera installation process properly to set up the camera.

Requirements for the Arlo Camera Setup

For the Arlo camera setup, there are a few things you must have. These things are as follows:

  • The Arlo Secure app
  • A stable WiFi connection
  • A power outlet/battery
  • An Arlo account

These are some things you must have for the Arlo camera installation.

Steps for the Arlo Camera Setup

You can execute the Arlo camera installation simply due to its built-in stand. Afterward, you can set up the camera. The steps for the setup are as follows:

Install the App

  • To begin with, install the Arlo Secure app on your smartphone.
  • Now, open the app and log into your account if you have one.
  • If you don’t have one, you can create one using your email and password.

Turn ON the Camera

  • To proceed with the setup, you need to power ON the camera.
  • If your camera is battery-powered, insert the battery.
  • The camera requires a stable power source to work properly 24/7.
  • Ensure to plug the camera into a working electrical outlet.

Connect the Camera to the WiFi

  • The camera also requires a stable WiFi connection to function effectively.
  • Therefore, ensure to connect the camera to the closest WiFi network.
  • Initially, connect your smartphone to the 2.4GHz network.
  • Now, click ‘Continue’ in the app and wait till it detects the WiFi network.
  • The Arlo camera cannot work with a 5Ghz network.
  • If you have a base station, you can connect the camera to it as well.
  • For some cameras, it’s necessary to form a connection with the base station.
  • However, the newer versions don’t require you to connect them to the base station.
  • Once a connection is made, the Arlo camera setup is complete.

Arlo Camera Installation

  • When the connection is successful, you can install the camera.
  • Pick the most appropriate location for the camera, where you’ll receive a clear view.
  • For indoor cameras, you can install them easily because they have a built-in stand.
  • You can also use the magnetic mount to fix the camera to the wall with a single screw.
  • Whereas for the outdoor cameras, you need to use the outdoor mounts to install them.
  • The outdoor mounts are much more reliable than the magnetic mounts.

Adjust the Camera

  • Now that the Arlo camera installation is complete, you can check the view from the app.
  • Ensure you are receiving a proper view of the area you want to keep an eye on.
  • Also, make sure the camera is covering your property only and not anyone else’s.
  • Adjust the camera by watching the live stream from the app.


These are the Arlo camera installation and setup steps. Hereon, you can configure the settings of the camera accordingly. There are several settings you can access from the app, such as motion detection, motion zones, field view, and several other features you can configure. We hope you were able to understand the procedure for the Arlo camera setup. If there are any other issues you are facing with your camera, you can contact our team now.


Can I set up my Arlo camera without an internet connection?

No, you require a stable WiFi connection to set up the camera correctly. Without a stable WiFi connection, the camera cannot work at all. If you have a base station, you don’t need to connect the camera to the WiFi. In that case, you can just connect the camera to the base station and the app will work just fine.

How do I change the battery in my Arlo camera?

To change the battery of your Arlo camera, follow the steps below:

  • Initially, press the button on the charging port below the camera.
  • Now, the camera should slide out of the housing.
  • Remove the camera from the camera housing.
  • Hereon, pull the battery to slide it out of it.
  • Insert the new camera in the compartment.
  • After that, the camera will blink blue.
  • At last, insert the camera back into the camera.
  • Make sure you do not touch the camera in any way.

These are the steps to change the battery of the Arlo camera.

Can I use the Arlo camera outdoors?

Yes, Arlo provides both indoor and outdoor cameras to users. You can buy the outdoor Arlo camera and set it up accordingly. Moreover, there are several cameras that you can use both indoors as well as outdoors.

What do I do if my Arlo camera is not connecting to the internet?

If your Arlo camera isn’t connecting to the WiFi connection, you must troubleshoot it. The camera requires a constant WiFi connection to function efficiently. If the camera not connecting, you can try power cycling it. The power cycle will fix any minor glitches and bugs with the camera.

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