Laview Camera Reset

How to Proceed with the Laview Camera Reset?

Watch over your family and property with the help of the Laview camera. There are several types of cameras you can buy for your home. Just install it at the most appropriate location and set it up correctly. However, you could still face issues with your Laview camera. In such situations, you can try the Laview camera reset to fix the problems. The reset resolves all internal glitches and issues with the camera. Therefore, you must know the procedure to reset the Laview camera correctly.

If you want to know the Laview camera reset process, we’ve got you. We have brought you the ultimate post to help you reset the camera. Today, we’ll walk you through the reset procedure along with some other methods to fix the issues with the Laview camera.

Steps for the Laview Camera Reset

You can simply reset the camera using the reset button. The steps for the reset are as follows:

  • To begin with, uncover the microSD slot by opening the cover of the camera.
  • Now, you can find the reset button next to the SD card slot.
  • Hereon, press and hold the reset button, and ensure the camera is plugged in.
  • After 10 seconds, you can release the reset button.
  • The LED light will turn red indicating the reset has begun.
  • At last, when the LED blinks blue and red, the reset will be successful.

These are the steps for the Laview camera reset. Now, the factory default settings of the camera are back and you can set up the camera from scratch properly. All the issues you were facing with your camera should be gone.

Alternatives for the Laview Camera Reset

The reset will only fix the internal issues with the camera. So, if the issue persists even after the reset, indicates the issue is external. There are several other methods you can try before you reset the camera. You can try the following methods to fix the issue with the camera:

Check the Power Source
  • The camera requires a stable power source to work properly.
  • Without a reliable power source, the camera will not work.
  • Thus, check the current electrical outlet of the camera.
  • If it’s not working, you must plug the camera into another outlet.
Inspect the WiFi Connection
  • The camera also requires a proper WiFi connection to function effectively.
  • If the camera doesn’t have a stable WiFi connection it will not work properly.
  • You can’t access several features without a WiFi connection.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting the camera to WiFi, ensure to enter the correct password.
Move the Router Closer to the Camera
  • Another reason for the camera having trouble connecting to the router could be the distance.
  • If the camera is too far from the router, it will have trouble connecting to the router’s network.
  • Therefore, ensure to install the camera inside the router’s range to ensure a proper connection.
  • You can move the camera closer to the router. If you can’t move the camera, you can relocate the router.
Reboot the Camera
  • You can also try rebooting the camera before you proceed with the Laview camera reset.
  • The reboot fixes any minor issues with the camera.
  • Ensure to reboot the camera before the reset.
  • To power cycle the camera, power off and unplug the camera.
  • Wait for 30 seconds or so and turn on the camera again.
  • Now the issue with the camera should be gone.

These are some methods you must try before executing the Laview camera reset. Now, the glitches and bugs with the camera should be gone. If there’s any other trouble you are having with your camera, you can contact our team right now.


Will resetting my Laview camera erase all of my footage?

No, resetting the camera will not erase the footage. Any media recorded by the camera is saved on the SD card. Thus, you will have all the footage and photos after the reset. Also, ensure to save the necessary media you might require.

How often should I reset my Laview camera?

There’s no specific amount of time to reset the camera. You can reset the camera when there’s any issue you are facing with your camera. The reset will eliminate all issues and make the camera as good as new. You must also reset the camera while discarding it or giving it to someone else.

What should I do if resetting my Laview camera doesn’t fix the issue?

If the reset doesn’t resolve the issues, there are several other methods you can try. Ensure to plug the camera into a proper power source. Also, ensure to connect the camera to a stable WiFi connection. Otherwise, the camera will not work.

Will resetting my Laview camera delete my Laview app account?

No, resetting the camera will not delete the app. The reset only erases all the configurations and changes made by you. So after the reset, all those settings will be gone.

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