Reset Wyze Camera

How to Reset Wyze Camera: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Wyze camera is a top-quality camera with incredible functionality with several excellent features. However, with time and numerous factors, you might need to reset Wyze camera. The reset eliminates all the glitches and bugs within the camera. However, the reset also restores the factory default settings of the Wyze camera. That’s why, the Wyze camera reset should be one’s last resort. But it’s still vital to know the procedure to factory reset the Wyze camera.

If you want to know the Wyze camera factory reset process, don’t worry. We have brought to you this blog to help you understand the procedure to reset Wyze camera. To find out the complete procedure, keep reading ahead.

Steps to Reset Wyze Camera Reset

You can proceed with the Wyze camera reset. Just remember the reset will restore all the default settings of the camera. This includes all the camera recordings, all the changes you made, the network settings, etc. Therefore, if you are facing an issue, you must try other troubleshooting methods as well. The steps for the reset are as follows:

  • To begin with, remove the microSD if your camera has one.
  • Ensure the camera is plugged in and powered ON.
  • Now, press and hold the setup button at the bottom of the camera.
  • After 10-20 seconds, you can release the button.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds for the camera to initiate the reset.
  • When the LED light on the camera will start blinking yellow, the reset is complete.
  • At last, you can set up the camera again, as the default settings are back.

These are the steps for the Wyze camera factory reset. Now, set up the camera accurately and the issue you were facing with your Wyze camera should be gone. If the Wyze camera factory reset not working, means the issue is external.

Alternates for the Wyze Camera Factory Reset

If the Wyze camera factory reset not working, then you need to fix the external issues with the camera. You can try the following methods to fix the Wyze camera issues:

Check the Power Source

  • The camera requires a stable power source to work effectively.
  • Without a power source, the Wyze camera cannot work.
  • Therefore, ensure to plug the camera into a working power outlet.
  • Check the current outlet and ensure it’s working.
  • If not, you can plug the camera into another socket.
  • Also, if there’s a power outage the camera will turn OFF.

Connect the Camera to the WiFi

  • The camera cannot work without a constant WiFi connection.
  • Therefore, you must connect your camera to the WiFi to work properly.
  • If the connection breaks, you must figure out the issue, and fix it.
  • Ensure the camera is inside the router’s range for a seamless connection.
  • If the camera is too far from the router, the connection will break.
  • Moreover, ensure to enter the incorrect WiFi password during the setup.
  • Otherwise, the connection will fail.
  • If you have changed the password, you must reconnect using the latest password.

Power Cycle the Camera

  • Before you reset Wyze camera, you can also try power cycling the camera.
  • The power cycle eliminates all the minor glitches and bugs within the camera.
  • Initially, you just need to power OFF the camera for some time.
  • After a while, you can power the camera back ON.
  • Now, any reset within the camera should be gone.
  • If this method doesn’t work, you can proceed with the Wyze camera reset.

These are some methods you can try when the Wyze camera factory reset not working. If there’s anything else you require assistance with, you can reach out to our team right now.

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