Zmodo Camera Reset

Zmodo Camera Reset: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reset Your Camera

Zmodo manufactures among the top security cameras that are reasonably priced. These cameras provide high-quality video coverage along with several other features to users. However, with time and internal as well as external factors, you could face an issue. To troubleshoot the issues, you could proceed with the Zmodo camera reset and eliminate all the issues with it. But resetting the camera also restores the factory default settings of the camera. That’s why the reset should be one’s last resort.

There are several other methods you can try to fix the issues with the camera. When those methods fail to resolve the problems, you can reset the Zmodo camera and the issues should be gone. If you want to know the procedure to reset the camera, keep reading ahead. Today, we’ll explain the procedure to reset the camera. Moreover, we’ll also discuss some other troubleshooting methods you can use to fix the Zmodo camera.

Steps for the Zmodo Camera Reset

You can reset the camera when you are discarding or giving away your camera. The reset erases all the changes made by you and configurations done by you. Moreover, it will also delete any recordings you have. That’s why, the Zmodo camera reset should be your last resort. The steps for the reset are as follows:

  • To begin with, locate the reset button on the camera.
  • Now, press and hold the reset button using a sharp object.
  • After 10 seconds, you can release the button.
  • When the reset is successful, the camera will reboot.
  • Wait till the camera turns back ON.
  • At last, you need to go about the Zmodo camera setup once again.

These are the steps to reset Zmodo camera. Now, you can set it up and whatever issue you were facing should be gone.

Troubleshooting the Zmodo Camera Issues

There are various other troubleshooting methods you can try before you proceed with Zmodo camera reset. Just keep in mind, the reset will only fix the internal issues with the camera, if the camera is acting up due to external factors, you need to figure it out and fix it. You can try the following methods:

Check the WiFi Connection

  • The camera requires a stable WiFi connection 24/7 to function effectively.
  • Without a WiFi connection, the camera will not work at all.
  • Therefore, ensure to connect your camera to a stable and the closest network.
  • If the network is dropping, ensure to install the camera inside the router’s range.
  • The network will drop if the Zmodo camera is too far from the router.
  • If you cannot move the camera, then you can move the router closer to the camera.
  • This should fix the issue and you shouldn’t have to reset Zmodo camera.

Enter the Correct WiFi Password

  • If you are unable to connect your camera to the WiFi, check if you are entering the correct WiFi password.
  • You cannot form a stable connection by using the incorrect WiFi password.
  • Therefore, ensure to enter the correct WiFi password while setting up the camera.
  • If you have recently changed the WiFi password then you need to reconnect the camera using the latest password.
  • After connecting the camera to the WiFi, the camera should work just fine.

Power Cycle the Camera

  • You can try power cycling the camera instead of the Zmodo camera reset.
  • The power cycle eliminates all the minor bugs and malfunctions with the camera.
  • Initially, unplug and power OFF the camera. 
  • After at least 30 seconds, you can power it back ON.
  • Now the issue with the camera should be gone.
  • You can also power cycle the router to fix any issue with it.

These are some methods you can try before you reset Zmodo camera. To fix your Zmodo camera, ensure to try these methods accurately. If there’s anything else you require assistance with, you can contact us.

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